100+ engaging classes

Use Quire to automate your initial, annual, and client-specific training. While initial training is automatically assigned to caregivers according to your state’s compliance needs, you can also add and remove specialized courses to fit your needs, like Caring for a Client on Oxygen, How to Handle Pets, Overview of Heart Disease, Overview of Diabetes, Overview of Cancer Care and many more.

Mobile-friendly, engaging classes for caregivers

We make it convenient for the caregiver to take their classes by designing our classes to be taken on a tablet, mobile phone, or computer. Students enjoy classes that are visually stimulating leaving an impression on them that is memorable and engaging.

Easily track progress and view reports

Wondering if your caregivers are making any progress with the classes? The progress bars paint you a picture of how close they are to completion. Reports are automated and certificates can be mass printed.

Automated reminders ensure high class completion

We send automated reminders to the caregivers to motivate them to complete courses work on time and this yields high completion results of 95%!

Chatter makes messaging easy!

Communicate with your entire team or have 1-1 communication with your employees through our messaging system, Chatter. Send messages, reminders, or just words of encouragement. Or create specific groups like: customer service, patient issues, compliance, this helps your employees know where to go in those groups to discuss certain issues.
Caregivers rarely go to the office so they are on the outside looking in when it comes to company culture, now they are able to provide feedback, engage with other employees, which helps to motivate and inspire them and understand the company culture. You will have an overall better understanding of your employees and this will help you make better business decisions.

Caregiver Resources

Learning doesn’t end once the class is over. We provide the caregiver educational handouts that they can take home or to the patient’s home to read and refresh their memory on what to do in certain situations.